Solar and PV Installations

At Lucas Lofts and Development Ltd we also offer a solar/pv panel installation service that we can carry out in tandem with the conversion of your loft space.

With the average roof providing more than enough square meterage for the installation of a standard 4kw system, which is in most cases, the perfect size system for even the busiest family household!

With the future prices of electric and energy in general set to rise and rise, deciding to take control and create your own electricity is almost a no brainer! With even a relatively small system generating more than enough electricity for all your electrical needs, the surplus produced is then sold back to the National Grid which can come back to you in the form of a cheque – enabling you to earn as well as save money while not to mention helping the environment at the same time!

The benefits of installing a solar/pv system to your home are clear and by choosing to do it with us at Lucas Lofts Ltd while we convert your loft is a very sensible and cost effective decision. For example with a scaffold already being erected to facilitate the construction of your new loft space and the average time of each solar install taking only a day at most we are able to make the whole process as efficient as possible. All the while, allowing us to maintain a very competitive edge against other companies who solely install solar/pv systems.

Although they can be dismissed by some as “ugly” and “intrusive”, there are many different low profile styles and sizes of panel/system to suit even the most aesthetic concious client and it is important for us to leave each customer with, not only, a fully functional system but also one that is pleasing to the eye and fits, as much as possible, the overall look of the house.

We appreciate that a solar installation may not be for you or that you simply may have never considered the option but by arranging a site survey with us we can, not only help you plan the conversion of your loft but also talk you through the different options regarding the installation of a solar/pv system. So that you, as the customer, can make an informed decision.

Lucas Lofts Ltd can help you achieve the maximum potential out of the interior of your home by transforming your loft space but also allow you to use humble roof to earn you as well as save you money!

Some conditions may apply concerning feasibility i.e. location of the property, type of panel and existing obstructions on the roof (chimneys, roof windows). All options and potential hindrances can be discussed fully and in detail during a site survey.