Extend your property with Lucas Lofts

For many clients however we realise that, even though the sound of a loft conversion does sound tempting, they require a more drastic change to the layout and structure of their home.

In this instance a “ground extension” is what is required for the property, whether its just a simple “single storey lean to” extension to add more space and light to a kitchen and dining area or a full scale re-modelling of your home such as a “multiple storey” or “wrap around” extension.

As with each loft contract that we carry out, each extension we carry out is fully managed by ourselves – overseeing each aspect of the project each with care and expert knowledge and organising each individual trade on site so that, while working closely with each individual client, we can meet every need and detail and avoid un-necessary stress and disruption to the customer.

With many clients in the past they have also opted to extend their property and convert the loft at the same time so that the finished product is truly an epic transformation.

With a growing family or simply the need for more space this can, more often than not, be the cheaper more efficient way in comparison to re-locating to a bigger property in a new area and also can add considerable value to your existing home (and make the neighbours jealous) in the process!

Whatever your planning, extension big or small, Lucas Lofts and Development Ltd we can help you take your valued home to the next level and guide you through each and every process of the project and deliver the perfect end result for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Lucas Lofts provided quality work and service, we would happily recommend them.

Mr J Hill, Derwen Fawr

Large loft customer