Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common loft conversion questions answered

A few of the common loft conversion questions we get asked. Please feel free to get in touch if you want advice or help with your project.

Do I need Planning Permission?

In a majority of cases no, as most conversions and projects will fall under what’s known as a “Permitted Development.” You will only need to apply for planning permission if your intended conversion includes structural work to the roof that extends above the existing ridge height or extends past the exterior wall plate of the house, such as an especially large dormer or the use of new “loft trusses.” Most dormers however, are usually exempt as long as their their finished size is contained within the existing roof dimensions i.e. it is not larger than the roof itself.

Do I need to involve Building Control?

Having worked extensively with Building Control throughout Swansea and South West Wales over the past 10 years ourselves, we strongly advise that every loft or construction project be undertaken under the supervision and involvement of Building Control.

We see it as a necessity, as it not only can provide a financial benefit if/when you choose to sell your home but also can give you the peace of mind that every area of your project has been produced and inspected at the highest possible level.

*You, as the client however, have no obligation to employ Building Control if you so choose.

Do I need to move out?

No. On average we will take up to six weeks to complete a project and within that time there is no need to move out. During the first half of the project, where a majority of the structural work is carried out we gain access to the loft space from the scaffold and through roof to avoid disruption within the home’s interior. The second half of the project is usually where the roof access is covered up and the new staircase installed and access through the house is required.

Even though mess and disruption are very minimal, temporary carpet/ hard floor protectors are applied and any other precautions are made to ensure that your home is kept clean and protected through the entirety of the project.

How much will it cost?

Prices start at £15,000, however as each project is unique, a site survey is always advisable to talk through different options and price ranges. Most projects with a realistic budget can be accommodated with our varied pricing and quotation packages.

Do I have enough “head height?”

As a general rule of thumb if you can stand up fully in your roof space then, in most cases, there is sufficient “head height” for it to be converted. If you have at least 1.950m from the underside of of your ridge beam to the top edge of your ceiling timbers then you have enough height, even more so if the room is intended for young children etc.

*In accordance with Building Regulations, you need a minimum of 2m head height above the top step of the staircase that enters the room. In roof spaces with a lower head height, this regulation can usually be met by installing a “drop down landing” that is incorporated into the custom staircase.

We are loft conversion specialists with over 10 years experience, based in South and South West Wales.

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