Scaffold Shrink Wraps

As I am sure you are aware the weather in the UK, south west Wales in particular, can be very temperamental to say the least!

So its no surprise that over the years we have found it very difficult to construct certain projects, on time and budget, due to the battles we have to wage with the wet and windy weather.

Many types of conversions or extensions require certain sections/ or the entirety of the roof to be removed for considerable periods of time while new construction is carried out, as you can see this poses us, as well as the client, a very big obstacle – the great British weather!

Thankfully, we have recently come in contact with a product that solves all our problems and makes waiting for consistent, dry and sunny weather to commence an complete work a thing of the past.

The shrink wrap product, is primarily used within the commercial sector to keep large construction projects dry and contained for the duration of the construction process (months even years at a time) – we immediately saw the potential of this product and were very interested.

We have since been fully trained by the manufacturer and supplier of the product, Rhino Shrink Wrap Ltd, so that we are able to install on our own contracts keeping costs down for the client by not having to employ an expensive specialist installation team instead.

The installation is a simple process – the scaffold is erected (by our nominated scaffolding team) around the four sides of the property, then a scaffold canopy/roof is then built over the premises. Once the scaffold is complete, we begin to wrap the sides of the scaffold using large sheets of the shrink wrap material, when the sides are complete and secured the roof sheet is then put in place and fixed down.

All joins between the sheets are then welded together using specialist heat guns (like a hair dryer on steroids!) leaving the entire membrane almost 100% leak proof. Now this is the really clever part, by using the heat guns to heat the membrane very carefully, it begins to soften and mould itself to the shape of the scaffold underneath and then as it cools it hardens in place while still remaining flexible.

The result is a scaffold wrap that is watertight, strong, functional and won’t flap in high winds keeping you up at night. With the entire wrap being installed in less than a day it means that, for the entirety of any project large or small, the property underneath is kept warm, dry and fully protected and in doing so allows us to work through an unbroken project schedule helping keep it on time and on budget. Weather is now no longer our enemy.

If you’re project requires partial or whole roof removal then we would strongly advise a scaffold shrink wrap to be installed – complete peace of mind, for you as well as us, that can be achieved regardless of the time of year.

For more info on the shrink wrap product and process or to see highlights of our training session – then click the links below: