Large Loft Conversions

Add wow factor to your home with a Lucas Loft conversion

Owning a property that is already large with plenty of space can provide the perfect canvas to create something very special.

With the many large loft conversions we have undertaken over the years we have been given the opportunity to really pull out all the stops installing large open plan en-suite bathrooms complete a roll top bath and a shower!

Or installing large panoramic windows to drink in the view from a kingsized bed or having a coffee while gazing out of your folding roof balcony that double up as full height roof windows when closed. The options are almost endless!

You would be really surprised at how luxurious a space you can transform your loft space into and how with a little imagination we can create something unique and personal to you but also help really give your home the WOW factor.

Although with larger loft conversions it isn’t always about extravagance and luxury they can also have a practical side to many we have done in the past have been on single story “bungalow” properties.

In this particular instance you are not just adding one single bedroom and en-suite but instead adding an entire new floor to your home and in effect doubling the size of your property.

In a property that is fully detached we have, on many of our large projects, removed the entire existing roof and replaced it with new “loft trusses” using a crane.

Once installed these “trusses” provide with a ready made skeleton of your new loft, though this may be the most extreme level of conversion it does however free the client from compromising on what they want due to the limitations of the old existing roof framework.

Whatever the reason for your new loft conversion if you already have the space and need more or just want to utilise the “dead space” – we, at Lucas Lofts Ltd can provide with the room of you’ve always wanted and really crown your home with something very special!

We are so happy with our loft conversion from the team at Lucas Lofts Ltd. They managed to deliver exactly what we wanted on every aspect of the project and worked with us throughout the entirety of the conversion allowing us to have a level of flexibility and freedom to make certain changes as we went along and we ended up with the loft that we always wanted. A great team that do great work!

Dr. S. Chivers, Langland

Large loft customer